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I understand the new as something partial, for no apparent reason, always contingent. Something that may be understood as new, only after it has already taken place. My interest in this partiality in music relates to the corporeal relationship between performer, instrument, public and concert-spaces, and the figure of a composer as a possibility for creative alienation, for speculation, as an empty space where the accidents of the new may appear. In this sense my compositional approach is always playfully embedded in the collaboration hierarchy that each institution is willing to offer. From this perspective I establish the logic of every single piece, or what i (jokingly) call the "nonsense sweet spot" that allows for pleasure in the act of composing music.

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"an alien, new world full of noise"

Museums-Night Hegau Schaffhausen (2019)

"A prolific composer, Soto has developed a personal style distinguished by an elegant combination of delicacy and experimentation."

Chilean Music Journal (2017)

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