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Maximiliano A.
Soto Mayorga


Ocean Picture by Maximiliano Soto
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Maximiliano A. Soto Mayorga



Born in 1991, he studied composition in Chile with Rafael Diaz and Jorge Martinez Ulloa and in Germany with Johannes Schöllhorn.

He has received prestigious awards such as the Iberoamerican Composition Prize "Ibermúsicas" 2023 the "Ad Libitum" Composition Prize 2022, the "TONALi20" Composition Prize (awarded by Sofia Gubaidulina), the Chilean Fine Arts Academy Composition Prize 2016, and the DAAD Award, among others. Scholarships include the NEUSTART Kultur 2022, Ibermúsicas 2021 and Klangspektrum 2020.

His compositions have premiered worldwide, including with the SWR Symphonieorchester, Ensemble Aventure, Ensemble Echo, and Colectivo Azul. in Festivals such as .abeceda Festival 2023 (Slovenia) Sommer in Stuttgart 2022, Ensems 42 (Spain), Nuntempa 7 (Mexico), XVIIFIMC (Chile), PRISMAS, in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Perú, Mexico, Spain, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Ucraine and Japan

Maximiliano Soto portrait by Nina Pernat

foto by Nina Pernat @ninapernat



ROTO (2022-24)
for Symphony Orchestra

SWR Symphonieorchester


22.04.2024 HfM Stuttgart

Ruego a una Mariposa (2017)
new version for Cello and Piano (2024)

for Valeria Lapsin

22.02.2024 HfM Freiburg

Sueño de la Libélula (2022)
new version for Ensemble (2024)

for Ensemble U:

06.02.2024 Klassika Raadio


pocket music theatre

for Trio Clash

14.12.2023 Festival Dimension Percussion



HUITZIL (2023)

for Pätzold Basset in F

for Mathis Wolfer


Contact, +491774807084




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